Pastor Taku for Baku

 On Sunday November 23, I preached at the Apostolic Church in Buea (pronounced Boy-ya), in SW Cameroon.  As I often do in the midst of a global thinking sermon, I was encouraging people to expand their prayers & start praying for nations and for Unreached People Groups.  In the first service, I was trying to help connect people from the immediate world they live in to the Nations so I mentioned the many Chinese workers in their midst (China is spending billions of dollars & sending thousands of workers across Africa to build highways and airports & infrastructure…  and Cameroon is one recipient).  I mentioned that many of these Chinese have perhaps never heard the Gospel & that God was bringing these workers to Cameroon so that they could hear the Gospel from Cameroonian Christians – them!
Then, to encourage more global praying, I encouraged them to learn geography so that could pray for nations.  I illustrated by telling the congregation that when I met their pastor, Pastor Taku, I immediately prayed for Azerbaijan.  Why?  His name reminded me of the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku. 
After the first service, I made the amazing discovery that Pastor Taku had been passionately praying about all of the “stan” countries: Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, & more.  And he was encouraging the congregation to do the same.     My spontaneous illustration came to him as a great “Holy Spirit moment” affirmation.   And – in the language of the Apostolic Church – we had made a “prophetic connection.”  Perhaps the next time I meet Pastor Taku it will be in Azerbaijan.  For now, I am praying for Pastor Taku-for-Baku.
PS: Do you know of Christians working in Baku?  I’d love to connect Pastor Taku.