Pastor Taku for Baku

 On Sunday November 23, I preached at the Apostolic Church in Buea (pronounced Boy-ya), in SW Cameroon.  As I often do in the midst of a global thinking sermon, I was encouraging people to expand their prayers & start praying for nations and for Unreached People Groups.  In the first service, I was trying to help connect people from the immediate world they live in to the Nations so I mentioned the many Chinese workers in their midst (China is spending billions of dollars & sending thousands of workers across Africa to build highways and airports & infrastructure…  and Cameroon is one recipient).  I mentioned that many of these Chinese have perhaps never heard the Gospel & that God was bringing these workers to Cameroon so that they could hear the Gospel from Cameroonian Christians – them!
Then, to encourage more global praying, I encouraged them to learn geography so that could pray for nations.  I illustrated by telling the congregation that when I met their pastor, Pastor Taku, I immediately prayed for Azerbaijan.  Why?  His name reminded me of the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku. 
After the first service, I made the amazing discovery that Pastor Taku had been passionately praying about all of the “stan” countries: Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, & more.  And he was encouraging the congregation to do the same.     My spontaneous illustration came to him as a great “Holy Spirit moment” affirmation.   And – in the language of the Apostolic Church – we had made a “prophetic connection.”  Perhaps the next time I meet Pastor Taku it will be in Azerbaijan.  For now, I am praying for Pastor Taku-for-Baku.
PS: Do you know of Christians working in Baku?  I’d love to connect Pastor Taku.

3 thoughts on “Pastor Taku for Baku

  1. Nancy Boring

    That’s really cool!

  2. Mauricio Sanchez

    Dear Paul, I do not know anyone who lives in Baku but you affirmed what our Lord has been doing all over… networking His people all over the globe for His holy purposes and His glory. What a privilege being together part of that big God’s family.

  3. Dear well beloved man of God , greetings to you in Jesus name Iam hill tribal hamlet evangelist , spreading among tribal people with hard conditions and with least facilities . here people are idole worshipers , intoxicate , low literacy . Our problems are caste , creed , superstitions poverty their own customs and traditions exploiting bad weather and mulit religions . I thank God for you and your ministry and your precious works of God . now iam constructing cement sheets shads for church and school please pray for my tribal ministry thanking you pastor G.V.S.Singh Holy Trinity Worship Curch

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