Paul & Christie Borthwick serve on the staff of Development Associates International, a training group dedicated to Paul Borthwick Photothe character and ministry development of leaders in the under-resourced world. In 2015, Paul concluded over 30 years of teaching at Gordon College in the area of Global Christianity.  He also served as an Urbana/Missions Associate with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship from 1999-2015.

Christie serves both on the staff of Development Associates International, as a microbiologist at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and as a private practice Christian counselor.  Paul & Christie have been married since 1979 and live in Lexington, Massachusetts.  They are members of Grace Chapel.

Writing:  Rick Warren (in Purpose-Driven Life) cites Paul’s books A Mind For Missions and How To Be a World-Class Christian as resources that “should be read by every Christian.”  His 2012 book, Western Christians in Global Mission: What’s the Role of the North American Church, was book of the day at Urbana 2012 and received the 2014 Christianity Today Award of Merit in the Missions/Global Affairs category.  His most recent book, Great Commission, Great Compassion: Following Jesus and Loving the World (IVP) was released in November 2015 and was featured as a book of the day at Urbana 2015.  The complete list of Paul’s book can be found here.

Ministry Focus:  Paul & Christie’s gifts, experiences, and priorities in ministry have led them to concentrate on three primary areas. All three pertain to both developing leaders and global missions.

Focus #1 – Leadership Development:  Their primary focus here is developing the integrity and effectiveness of non-Western leaders with Development Associates International (DAI).  This priority involves teaching in the DAI Masters of Organizational Leadership, serving as a leadership trainer at places like Alliance Biblical Seminary in the Philippines and Lanka Bible College in Sri Lanka, and working with the DAI Team in identifying and resourcing “emerging leaders” through ministries like the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization and International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

With the financial needs of DAI, this Leadership Development focus also includes fund-raising – striving to develop partnerships between North American Churches and the Development Associates International ministry centers and M.A. students (through Master Link).

Focus #2 – Influencing the Next Generation Towards World Missions:  This naturally flows from the above focus on emerging leaders, but it is where teaching and preparing short-term missionaries in the USA falls, as well as work with Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship and the Urbana Student Missions Convention.

This focus has also led to involvement in “Student Mobilization” conferences across the USA and Canada as well as in places like Nigeria, Europe, Kenya, Indonesia, Ghana, Cuba, and Taiwan.

Focus #3 – Mobilizing the Church for Outreach & Cross-Cultural Ministry: This includes most of Paul’s speaking at missions conferences, but it overlaps with Student Conferences, teaching, and most of his writing.

Obviously, these three areas overlap, but virtually every trip, ministry, or bullet that you find in Borthwick updates or newsletters falls into one of these three categories.

For more information on making use of Paul as a resource, contact him through this website.